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“What’s Your Mountain?”

Have you heard about the My Mountain Hat Design Contest? You pick the yarn from their selection of fun yarns and design a hat! I chose Aquatic Color from their Boston Style collection, and Neon Yellow from their Boston collection.  It’s a bulky yarn that’s very easy to work with. My design is going to take more than  originally requested so I’m waiting! More is on the way. What a fun way to jump feet first into the world of creating patterns. I’m anxious to finish this one up. With two sampler hats already finished, the final project should be just right! It was fun designing something and figuring out ways to make it better. 
The theme of the contest is “What’s Your Mountain?” I’ve had many mountains to deal with to get where I am today, but my focus is on crocheting. My personal mountain was learning to read patterns, I’ve come a  long way baby! What a perfect tribute to overcoming that mountain…designing my own pattern. Photos of the finished hats have to be submitted by August 30th. I’ll share photos of the finished projects as soon as I submit them.
So tell me, “What’s Your Mountain?” crocheting or otherwise.

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