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While I wait.

So, as excited as I am about the Hat Design Contest,  I’m not a very good waiter! The contest is open until September 23rd! Honestly, I am very intimidated by this process. Many of the designers have been out there a long time. I am barely peeking my head up in this world! The contest has been good for me. It has brought me out of my comfort zone, encouraged me to be creative, challenged me to write a pattern, and produced the excitement to take my crocheting to the next level! Now, that I made it this far I’m a nervous wreck! To keep from going crazy I’ve decided to put my mind on the next project. For me, that is the Crochet Arium.

The Crochet Crowd is creating a crocheted aquarium for the Creativ Festival. They are gathering donations to add to the aquarium and selling them at the festival. The proceeds of this project are going to be donated to Crafting For A Cure.

I got a jump start this weekend while I waited nervously for the Semi-Finalists to be announced. One jellyfish and two corrals done! More to come!

If you are interested in contributing to the Crochet Arium, you can learn more about it here:

Crochet Arium With The Crochet Crowd!

If you are interested in the My Mountain Hat Design Contest, and would like to check out the hats and vote go here: 

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