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And The Results Are In

The My Mountain Hat Design Contest Results are in and…

THIS is how I’m feeling!

BECAUSE of this….

My Mountain top 5 Finalists!

“Congratulations to our 5 finalists in the My Mountain hat design contest!

Sheri Goad for “Fusion” 2,819 votes

Rohn Strong for “Greer” 1,994 votes

Sonya Blackstone for “Mount Katahdin” 1,764 votes

Lars Rains for “Norwegian Sleeping Cap” 1,729 votes

Susan Anderson for “Woven Ladder” 1,461 votes

These finalists will receive an iPad Mini, Ravelry ad featuring their design and expanded features on and social media. The semifinalist and finalist patterns will be published on as free downloads sometime in October. We’ll let you know the moment they’re up! 

As the top vote-getter, Sheri’s pattern, “Fusion,” will become a paid Ravelry download with all proceeds going to her selected nonprofit, St. Baldrick’s for Childhood Cancer Research.

Thank you so much to EVERYONE who participated in this very exciting contest. Remember, you can see more of the entries on the My Mountain Pinterest page. Look for more cool stuff coming from the My Mountain movement very soon!”

 Is my hat the “best” hat in the competition…for some, not so much for others. We all have different likes and dislikes, but isn’t that the way it should be? How boring would life be if we all liked the same things?! Isn’t that kind of what My Mountain is trying to do is start a movement where people can create something that reflects who they are?
I came across a comment where the person said, “I do not understand how the hat in the lead…is in the lead.” 
My answer, because I promoted it. Far and wide. I invited my friends, who in turn invited their friends, who in turn invited their friends and more! Rock the Vote was only one way we, and I say we because NO WAY did I do this myself, spread the word. Besides the 166 attending this event, there were more of the 1,970 that didn’t click on join but voted and shared daily. (The top two names on the list of invited but not joined are my son and my mother! You know they were voting.)
This was not the only means of spreading the word. Friends sent out daily messages, to those who wanted to be on a texting list with the link and reminders to vote, as well as emails. Along with other designers in the competition, we posted on crocheting boards we are involved with. Posts went up on local community boards where people within my community rallied in support. 
I don’t think it hurt that I designed a hat that was fun, different and gave somewhere for that darn ponytail to go!  Something that could easily support the idea behind My Mountains grass-root movement…offering a simple design that even the newest crocheter could accomplish, leaving endless possibilities to those more experienced to embellish. Even if it wasn’t for everyone. =)
I look forward to trying out some of the other amazing designs. Keep your eye on the My Mountain Facebook page, while the top 18 designs will be released in October, others who did not make the top 18 are posting their patterns now! If you haven’t checked out My Mountain’s Pinterest, add it to your to do list. Simply inspiring!!
For all those who rallied in support of “Fusion,” my hats off to you! I am blessed and truly appreciative! Beyond my “prizes” I am most thrilled at the opportunity to help out St. Baldrick’s Childhood Cancer Research!


  1. Joyce Moyer Hostetter

    Not to mention, it's still the cutest of the 5 finalists.

  2. Sheri Goad

    Thank you, Joyce! I am glad you like it!

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