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Soap Saver

Last weekend The Soap Engineers debuted at a Vendor Fair in Virginia. I had the opportunity to test out many of their goodies! My favorite was their Honey Almond, which they sold out of! No surprise. I did get to take several other great things home, including Tropical Retreat. You can be certain I put an order in for the Honey Almond!
The soaps are so heavenly, I didn’t want to waste an ounce by leaving them on the bathtub or in a soap dish. I have seen several crocheted soap holders so I decided to whip one up for my new soaps!  They are a bit bulkier than a standard bar of soap so this pattern accommodates the size.
2oz  cotton yarn  (Picture used Sugar’n Cream Ecru)
K hook  6.5 mm
Tapestry needle
Ch 12
hdc in second chain from the hook. Repeat across.
Continue on the opposite side of the chain until you reach your first hdc.
Join and chain 2.
Continue around working hdc into each stitch until you have completed 16 rounds.
Work in the rounds and do not join until the last row.
On the 16th round join and ch 2.
Hdc in the next stitch and chain one. Skip the next stitch. Continue around. Join and tie off. Weave in ends.
Chain 60 to use as your tie. Weave it in and out of your last row and tie at the ends.
Add your favorite soap and enjoy! Use the drawstring to hang over the shower head when you are finished so the soap and soap saver can dry.
Just For You!
You could win the Tropical Retreat Soap and Soap Saver pictured above!!
Here’s what to do.
1. Go over to The Soap Engineers Facebook Page  and like their page.
2. For a second entry go over to The Soap Engineers Etsy Shop and take a look at what they have.
Comment here and let me know you liked the page and tell me what item on their Etsy page is your favorite. I will give you one entry for each task completed.
I will draw a random winner from the comments on this post on April 14th!


  1. Annette M

    Calming Lavender Handmade All Vegetable Moisturizing Cold Process Soap or the Lavender Bliss Truffles. They look amazing! Thank you for sharing about them!

  2. Sheri Goad

    Thanks for checking them out! I have a bath truffle sitting in my bathroom waiting for me to test out!

  3. cncplus8

    The grapefruit sugar scrub looks heavenly!

  4. annsan

    The Lavender Bliss Shea Soup looks like something I would love. So neat.

  5. Debbie English

    I love my Honey Almond 🙂

  6. barbb21

    Hi Mama Goad! Thanks for sharing this, it seems like a really cool idea so I liked their page! Also, loved the sound of the tropical mango pomegranate soap on their Etsy page!

  7. Sheri Goad

    Congrats Barb! I drew your name for the soap saver and soap!

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  9. Lynne Stevens

    After having chemo for six months, then tons of meds I don’t normally take, my skin is sooooooooo dry and itchy. Looks like the Honey Almond Oatmeal Shea Soap would be good for me!

  10. Angela

    I bought a bunch of soaps from a local craftsman and didn’t want to gift them in plastic bags this is an awesome idea

  11. Carolyn Hayes

    Trying to get the Pattern for the Toe Cozie but every time I click on it it takes me to the Soap Saver Pattern. Can you help I would really like to make one for this Friend.. Thank You, Carolyn Hayes

  12. Sheri Goad

    Here you go. I will have to check into why it is doing that.

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