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Mini Treat Basket

I worked up this mini basket last night . It was one of those kind of by accident things I ended up falling in love with it!  It’s perfect for those little spring treats.  I used Sugar’n Cream Scents Fluer De Lavande.  It didn’t even use 1/2 of the 3oz. Skein. I’ve posted the pattern below. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Mini Treat Basket

Any worsted weight cotton  1 skein should do two baskets.
Size I Hook
Tapestry needle

Special Stitch: Puff Stitch: yarn over and pull through, repeat two more times. You should have 7 loops on your hook.  Yarn over pull through all loops.

8 hdc in a magic ring. Join. Ch 2
Row One: 2 hdc in each stitch around
Row Two: 1 hdc in first stitch, 2 in next. Repeat around. Join ch 2.
Row Three: Hdc around in back loop only. Join ch 2.
Row Four:  Hdc in first stitch, puff stitch in next, repeat around. Join ch 2
Row Five: Hdc in each stitch around. Join ch 2.
Row Six: Puff stitch in first stitch, hdc in next. Repeat around. Join ch 2. (Your puff stitches should be staggered with your first row of puff stitches.
Row 7-8: hdc around. Join ch 1.
Row 9: Reverse sc around. Join and tie off.

Weave in ends.

Chain 15
3 DC in first stitch, slip stitch in next. Repeat to the end and do the same down the opposite side of the chain. Tie off and attach to the basket with a tapestry needle.


  1. Kieu Nguyen

    very nice! Thank you for sharing…my daughter would love this! 🙂

    1. Sheri Goad

      I hope you enjoy the pattern!

  2. Kat

    Super cute!

    1. Sheri Goad

      Thank You!

  3. Maria

    Thank you just what i needed . I made a little chick and wanted a basket to put it in . Thank you for sharing


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