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Summer, summer, wherefore art thou summer?

PicMonkey Collage

 Summer came and left in the blink of an eye! Here I sit on the edge of autumn looking back on the roller coaster ride that was summer this year. It was insanity at its best. Clicking through my pictures, I quickly realized that even in the insanity of it all, crochet was right there by my side.

I started summer off working on The Crochet Crowd Market Bag Challenge. I started hooking in Virginia all the way to Disney World in Florida and then back again. Needless to say, I did not make the deadline, but I did finish the bag! The challenge is over, but you can still get the free pattern and tutorial video HERE. (The first picture is of a crazy ape at South of the Border trying to steal my yarn! The second picture is the finished Market Bag.)

After coming home from our trip to Disney, my mother in law was put in the hospital with pneumonia, I got a free one week stay on a comfy futon by her side. While there, I had plenty of time to crochet. I thought it was the perfect time to work on a few prayer shawls. The ones I worked on while I was there, in the third picture, was a pattern called The Original Half Granny Square/Shawl it’s a free Ravelry pattern. I ended up getting three done while I was there!


 I Co-Lead a mission trip to Costa Rica next!  We built retaining walls, worked on gardens and building a feeding center. We served at a feeding center and more! Our days were filled to the brim, but in the evening there was a bit of time to spend teaching some of the youth how to crochet!

My last post has the picture of the Slouchy Hat I did up while I waited for everyone else to get off the roller coasters at Hershey Park. I have spent the last month doing a hodge podge of activities, to include white water rafting, picnics, car washes and one too many trips to Chuck E. Cheese. (We only took two.)

I managed to fit some pattern testing in this last week. Blackstone Designs is revamping her patterns, and I had a chance to test out her Mug Love Pattern, which happens to be on sale through Sunday for 58% off as well as all of her patterns! She has some super cool stuff you can check out here, Blackstone Designs. The Mug Love pattern is the one in the last picture up top. It is a super quick, super simple pattern to follow. I worked mine up in about a half an hour!

So, the fourth picture above…I made the set for a friend of mine. I used the Mallory Skirt Pattern (also on sale at Blackstone Designs) and a free Owl Hat Pattern by Repeat Crafter Me. The size is 6-12 months, and the skirt, I embellished with a loop edge and only used one of the pockets and made it an applique instead of an actual pocket.

Currently…no pics available, I am working on my entry for the Stranded & Tangled In Madagascar Challenge. Take a minute and go check it out!  You have until September 26th to get an entry in. Anyone can do this…YOU can do this. Lots of prizes, many are random so why not give it a go!

One more before I go! I am super…super…super excited about a purchase I made this summer!  For these…


I can’t get to an actual picture of the cards right now, but I got a set of notecards with this design on the front. Don’t “Ewe” just love it!? I got them from Deb Johnson at The Artsy Ewe! Go and check out her shop. Besides the notecards, she makes project bags for your yarn and they can be customized. A must see. Oh…and if you really like them, stay tuned there’s a very good chance they are going to be part of my next giveaway!

So, tell me, what did you get done this summer? Are you glad it’s come to an end and making way for autumn or are you disappointed and wanting this Labor Day to last forever so summer doesn’t go away?

Casting off until the next time we hook up!



  1. Sonya

    We have had a fairly quiet summer. We took a small family vacation to a resort here in Maine. And then my two oldest spent a week with my grandmother to attend vacation bible school. Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. The crisp fresh air is just awesome! But I am sad to see summer go because there will be snow on the ground before we know it.

  2. Sheri Goad

    Sigh…you had to bring the S word into it. =) I do love a good snow, but autumn is my absolute favorite! I really, really want to get to Maine one of these days. I have several friends I would love to go see.

  3. Sonya

    It certainly is beautiful, but I think I have some trauma from the never ending winter last year lol I think that’s another reason why summer seemed so short!

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