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Super Simple Cup Cozy and Template

cupcozy2While getting ready for a craft show recently, I came across an article by One Dog Woof. She had some fantastic thoughts, by far my favorite was on packaging, turning the “simplest things into beautiful gifts.” I gave it a go and was so glad for it.

Slipping the cozies over the cup shape template brought them into the “Great Gift Idea” instantly!  I had an order for 20 of them as soon as they went public.

I worked up a super simple cozie pattern and went to work designing a cup cozy template.  What’s great is the template will work for virtually any cup cozy.

Super Simple Cup Cozy Pattern

K Hook (6.5mm)

Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Cotton Yarn

Edited to Add: Thanks to some input from some great ladies over at My Hobby is Crochet, I found out these cozies have been coming up differently for different people.

Hint One: Stick with Cotton Yarn. It will hold its shape better.

Hint Two: Your finished size should be approximately 3 – 3.5 inches from top to bottom and about 8 inches around. If you aren’t getting this finished size you can drop a hook size. If you find you have too much stretch in your cozy or it is too big from the start, Reduce your beginning ch. 

Hint Three: One Crocheter used the template and had her cups printed on card stock at Staples! What a fantastic idea.

Chain 21

Row 1:  Working in the back loop of the 2nd chain from hook, HDC across. Join your last HDC to the top of your first HDC (20)

Rows 2-8: Chain 2, HDC in each HDC space around. Join with slip stitch. (20)

When you have worked 8 total rows of HDC, Join at the top and weave in ends. Use buttons or any variety of charms to decorate the cozy as you see fit.  Changing up colors and yarns gives you more variety.

Super Simple Cup Cozy Printable Pattern


Cup Cozy Template

Print out the template form below, on brown card stock. I got mine in packs of 50 at Michael’s.


Cup Cozy Template

HINT: To keep the cozies secure in place, I use bobby pins. They slip over the stitch on the edge and the pin hides under the cozy.

Edited to add:

I was asked to post a photo of how I placed the bobby pins to secure the cozy onto the template. Photo below. The bobby pins also serve as a way to keep extra items in place, ie; tea bags, cocoa, or gift card. You can poke it out the top and still hold it in place with the pins behind the cozy.

bobbypin placement

Edited to add:

While I was out and about looking around Pinterest, I found another very talented lady who came up with a printable template several years back. It is strikingly similar to mine. If you would like to check it out, and have another option to use you can find it here:

Tinker With This

So, tell me, do you attend craft shows, as a vendor or a patron? What draws you to a product or booth? Do you have pet peeves that make you turn away from a table at a show? Things that attract you?  I’d love to know!


  1. hotelgoddess


  2. Sheri Goad


  3. Rita

    Great idea and thanks you for the template!

  4. Sheri Goad

    Thanks, and you’re welcome!

  5. ChiWei (@1dogwoof)

    Someone shared this in a group I’m in and I loved the cup template so I hopped on over. Imagine my surprise and the smile on my face when I read that you were inspired by my craft fair post! This idea is seriously so great and I hope you have a ton of success with it!

  6. Natalie teal

    Love your patterns that you put on Facebook. I would say thank you.

  7. Three Cedars Irish Dexters

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Sheri Goad

    Glad you dropped by! I was THRILLED to come across your post. You inspired so many ideas. I’m excited to get started on all the other “Pretty Packaging” ideas. We know what we like when we go shopping, but it is so easy to forget to present our own things that way! Thank you for all the great Craft Show tips!

  9. Sheri Goad

    So glad you love it! Thanks!

  10. Sheri Goad

    You’re definitely welcome.

  11. Donna Gatlin

    Love your pattern. Thank you so much.

  12. Sheri Goad

    Glad you like it! You are very welcome!

  13. Wendy

    That’s fantastic, thanks for sharing!

  14. Sheri Goad

    Glad you like it! You are very welcome.

  15. Sheri Goad

    You’re welcome!

  16. Stephy Beauchamp

    I only have a 6mm crochet hook how long should the beginning chain be so I can just substitute thank you I love the project and can’t wait to get started

  17. Brittany

    Aw, so cute! Thanks so much for this 😀

  18. Tangie

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  19. Brittany Faire

    Hey there! Thank you so much for the pattern and template!! I’m in love with these! If I wanted to use worsted weight 4 ply yarn, how would I adjust this pattern? I tried working the first couple rows with the K hook and it is so tiny. Haha. It could be a little elf cup cozy! 🙂 Thanks again for the pattern & template! And thanks in advance for the help!

  20. Linda

    The packaging of course. I think that’s one reason I usually walk on by a booth, it’s not displayed attractively. Great idea. I’m sharing with booth and fair friends. Thx

  21. Sheri Goad

    When I am working them up, I make my starting chain about 8 and 3/4 inches long. Not stretched.

  22. Sheri Goad

    Thanks, you’re welcome!

  23. Sheri Goad

    You’re welcome!

  24. Sheri Goad

    I used the 4 ply worsted on the santa cozies. Should work up about the same. It’s simple enough to adjust. When you do your starting chain, make it about 8 3/4 inches long. =)

  25. Sheri Goad

    Me too! I want it to look good!

  26. Bettie

    I go to craft shows both as a vendor and shopper. I don’t shop at booths that are overcrowded, items not priced, vendors who aren’t friendly and are more interested in games on phone than in shoppers. Displays attract me if items are easy to see and are usually on multiple levels. Most important is a friendly vendor.

  27. Lydia

    I love this and thank you. I do have a question though, are these worked in rows or rounds?

  28. Sheri Goad

    Great point! I get frustrated when I am at a table and the vendor seems to have no time for me.

  29. Sheri Goad

    It is worked in rows. You’re joining with a slip stitch and chaining 2 at the end of each row. If you prefer working in the round, it really wouldn’t make that much of a difference and should work out the same way.

  30. Sara Silva (@contentemeant)

    Thank you! The printout is just what I need!

  31. Jamie

    I have a question on where it says join your last HDC to the top of the First HDC.Not sure what to do there.

  32. Sheri Goad

    After you chain and do your first row of HDC, you are going to want to connect the last stitch in the row you just worked to the first stitch. You do this with a slip stitch. You then have a circle you will be working your rounds in.

  33. Claudia Isabel Garcia

    Hello! How much do you charge for these? 🙂 thanks

  34. Jamie

    Perfect! Thanks

  35. Sheri Goad

    You’re welcome! Enjoy.

  36. Sheri Goad

    I sell them for $5 each.

  37. Mandy Gonse

    Love the pattern Thank u so much for sharing… So u only work in the back loops all he time?

  38. Sheri Goad

    You work in the back loop for the chain – First row. After that you are working in the space.

  39. Virginia Koontz

    What a great versatile pattern and I adore the cup cozy templates! Such a perfect way to showcase the cozy 🙂

  40. Sheri Goad

    Thanks! Hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

  41. Rebecca

    Love these! I was intrigued by your questions about craft fairs. I do attend them as a patron only, and mostly the important things are accessibility to your booth, easy to see what you have. Huge pet peeve: leave the children alone. I once had a vendor put a bracelet and necklace on my 4 year old daughter before we had even gotten to her booth, which i had not planned on looking at. Her items were poorly made, and even though she was marketing children’s jewelry, none of it looked like a 4 year old should have it. So I had to explain to my daughter that I was NOT going to buy her anything and drag her away. The woman was pushy and followed us, trying to talk us into buying stuff.

    Another time, I was talking to a vendor about her product, which was A-Mazing, and i let her know that and invited her to an annual event in our town. I told her the vendor we had a few years ago hasn’t been coming – too far away to make it worth their while. She then proceeded to say she would NEVER be a vendor at this particular show, that sales were terrible,and that the previous vendor was garbage, in no uncertain terms. (I personally know previous vendor and they always made a killing at the show in question…and they had great stuff)

    Sorry so long. SUmmary: pushy vendors, rude vendors. I’ve learned to spot them a mile away.

  42. Jenny

    Pet peeve for me is when vendors selling food hand out samples by the spoonful directly into peoples hands. No use of small container of any kind. I saw several doing this at a recent craft fair in my town. The reason it made me so mad was that it was nuts or products containing nuts that they were dishing out. Those people then go through the rest of the booths touching things. Nut allergies can be deadly. It isn’t just a sensitivity that is uncomfortable at the worst. It can KILL. I think any food samples should be served in a way that the product goes directly i to the mouth from the container. It may save the vendor some cash but it also looks cheap and unprofessional besides being dangerous.

  43. Jenny

    I feel silly. I forgot to tell you I liked your cup cozies. I amy try to make a few… just in process of taking refresher crochet courses at the local Library and these seem the perfect new project! (has been many years since I held a hook) In the past few years have seen similar marketing at stores in our area and the fact it shows the item displayed on a cup type form draws the eye way more than just stuffed in a plastic sleeve. Your holder design is cute!

  44. Diana Bress

    I love this idea! So crafty and cute and clever! I will try this for my next craft show. Shall I mention your name on the reverse of my brown cup cutout?

  45. Megan Bee

    I posted on your fb post, but when doing rows 2-8, do you count the ch2 as a stitch? or hdc in the same spot? I’m not sure what to do lol.

  46. Brenny

    Thank you for the directions AND the cutout design! I was at a show this past weekend and one vendor had nothing priced and continued to work on more items to sell, not even attempting to strike up a conversation with anyone that happened to stop at her booth. That made a bad impression on me.

  47. Sheri Goad

    I answered on Facebook too, but the chain 2 does not count as a stitch. Your first stitch should be in the first HDC space.

  48. Sheri Goad

    I think inattentive/rude vendors are a huge turn off for many of us for sure! Hope you enjoy the pattern and template!

  49. Sheri Goad

    That’s very kind, but you don’t need to. I made them so others could enhance their gifts and products. =) It should be about you and your products. If you share them online a link back to here would be great.

  50. Sheri Goad

    You make a great point. I take care of two kids who have nut allergies, and a friend who is severely allergic. I am always on guard and think about cross contamination situations all the time. That really is not good!

  51. Sheri Goad

    Thank you! Do you follow Mikey on The Crochet Crowd? He has AMAZING tutorial videos if you ever need a refresher and you aren’t at the library.

  52. Brittany Faire

    Thanks so much! I must be a tight chainer. Lol.

  53. Sheri Goad

    Thank you! And Yikes! I am with you on the pushy/rude vendors. A bit of kindness goes a long way, and silence even further when negativity is the only thing you have to say.

  54. Mary Ellen

    thank you for sharing the cup template and cozy pattern I am looking forward to giving them a try

  55. Jodi H.

    Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing the pattern and template! Packaging and display are essential!

  56. Sheri Goad

    You’re welcome! Enjoy.

  57. Sheri Goad

    You are welcome! I hope you enjoy it. I definitely agree! Working on more ideas now!

  58. Jamie

    Hi! I love these! Just a quick question how much did you sell yours for at the craft fair?

  59. Mandy Gonse

    Ok I thought so but wanted to make sure LOl Thank u

  60. Sheri Goad

    Thanks! I sold them for $5

  61. Karen

    Is there a printable pattern?

  62. Harmony

    Hi, I was wondering what the measurements of your cup templates are? When I printed mine out they seamed to be too large. Thanks!

  63. Meagan

    Ok, now I have to make one. Even if I’ll never be able to find it when I want it.

  64. Jamie

    Thank you so much! I love these! The Santa ones are beyond too cute!!!

  65. saradwrites

    Reblogged this on Crochet |Blogging |Selling| and commented:
    Cool template for a cup cozy – great for those selling at craft fairs

  66. Eclect Nerd

    Hi there. Great way to display these! question, I didn’t see where you said if you printed these on landscape or portrait? it makes a big difference in the size of them and was wondering which one you have been printing. Thanks!

  67. Sheri Goad

    They are about 4 1/2 inches by 7 1/2 inches. They are a decent size. They just fit two to a sheet. They look a good bit smaller when they are photographed.

  68. Sheri Goad

    =) Keep it in your purse. =)

  69. Eclect Nerd

    Great thank you! that makes them print in Landscape for the right size 🙂 thanks so much!

  70. Sheri Goad

    The designs are placed landscape, but when I print it I don’t change the settings on my printer. It just prints normal. Hope that helps.

  71. Mandie

    Great idea printing cups! My pet peeves would be when the vendor is sitting in a chair looking bored! I want to buy things that people are excited to sell. (proud of the hard work they put it) Or vendors who don’t take the time to set up just leave everything in Tupperware with a few pieces laying over them. (Again I like to see people who put work into it showing they care about what they’re selling.)

  72. Claudia Isabel Garcia

    Hi again!… I made some of these and looks great, thanks… but the only thing it’s I don’t know how can I put the bobby pins…. Do you mind to post a pic, from the back side, thanks again. 🙂

  73. Gen

    Hi sheri, firstly thank you so much for this lovely link to the template. I noticed that on yours ypu have added your web address to the bottom underneath made with love, I liked the idea of doing the same but wondered how as it doesn’t let me edit the image to add it, I’m not very technical so it could just be something simple Im Doing wrong but wondered if you had any idea how I could do it : )

  74. dee

    Love your site. would love to see more templates, Ex, bottle (soda,water,beer)

  75. Jenna Munoz

    thank you thank you thank you!

  76. Sheri Goad

    Me too! =)

  77. Sheri Goad

    I will try and get one posted. =)

  78. Sheri Goad

    If you send me an email I will send you the word document instead of a PDF. You can edit in that. froggingalong at gmail dot com

  79. Sheri Goad

    Stay tuned! I am actually working with another designer right now and we should have some available next week. =)

  80. Sheri Goad

    Your welcome! Your welcome! Your welcome! =)

  81. Sheri Goad

    Okay, I added one to the bottom of the post. =) Hope that helps.

  82. Sheri Goad

    There is now. I just added a PDF under the pattern on the post. Enjoy!

  83. dee

    Thank you. The package does make a difference.

  84. Diana Enns

    I found these and made one – am planning to make up several for people I work with. What I’d really like to know is – I would like to “teach” this to some of my students. I would give you the pattern credit, of course.

  85. Anne VR

    Love this template and the cozy you have. I am thinking of doing a craft fair this year but don’t really have any product started yet..but when I do start..I will certainly be using these..thanks for your help..and all the idea’s. Yes as far as vendors..I don’t like pushy vendors either. I like those who when ASKED about products…they get up and talk to you but don’t pressure you. I don’t like being ignored either. I LOVE to see items I don’t have to say a thousand times “how much is this” I rather it be priced and clearly priced so I know what I am in for before I buy something. Thanks again…YOU ROCK!

  86. Sheri Goad

    Absolutely! I’m all about the share. =)

  87. Diana Enns

    THank you so very much.

  88. Shelley Tyson

    I made these as well (the template) long ago and I use double sided tape to keep the cover in place and I called them Cup Coats

  89. Claudia Isabel Garcia

    your awesome! Gracias! Gracias! 🙂

  90. Sheri Goad

    Very Clever. =)

  91. Sheri Goad

    You’re welcome!

  92. Nancy Hensley

    So cute, but what am I missing? How do the cozies fit over the handle on the cup??

  93. Anastasia

    Is there any way you could post a video tutorial? I’ve tried it several times, and I’m just too confused about what you mean by joining HDC’s and when to slip stitch.

  94. Nancy Hensley

    Oh, now I see…it’s not for coffee cups with handles, it’s more for “to go” cups! 🙂

  95. Sheri Goad

    Check back. I have a “Mug Cozy” Template that is coming out this week and there is a great chance you will be able to get an awesome pattern for a mug cozy. I’m working with a designer right now to see if I can get her to offer it up to you all with a code to get it for free from her Ravelry store! =)

  96. Sheri Goad

    Video’s are definitely Mikey’s thing at The Crochet Crowd. =) I can try to take some step by step photos for you this week. When you get to the end of the first row, Connect it to the top of the first HDC that you did with a slip stitch. This will give you a circle. Chain 2 and then HDC into each space around. When you get back to the beginning of the round slip stitch into the top of the first stitch you made. Does that make any better sense? I will try to post some pics tomorrow if I can squeeze it in.

  97. RMJI

    Thanks for the pattern! I’m trying it out now. Questions about the starting chain though, why are we crocheting into the back stitch? It’s a little tedious compared to the normal side

  98. Rhonda Polk

    Ohmygosh- loving this!!!! Thank you for such a cute pattern!

  99. Sheri Goad

    You could really do either without it making much of a difference. I do it that way because it gives an edge that is comparable to the last row you do. It’s a preference in the way it looks rather than necessity.

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  101. thecraftykettle

    Oh how I wish I’d had this template last year!! I made a bunch of cozies for my Littles kindergarten teachers, added them to their Christmas gift bags.what a great idea and share, thank you so much!!

  102. Carol

    Thank you!

  103. Karen Rosie

    Thank you soooo much for sharing the pattern and the template! What a wonderful idea ~ looks adorable and is an attention grabber for sure!!!! Excited to make some for teachers and friends! =) Thanks again!!!

  104. RMJI

    thanks Sheri 🙂 yeh, i persevered with the more difficult method and it does give a nicer finish. I’ve made 14 already!

  105. Tammy Agee

    Hi I’ve been looking for that template and more I was actually wondering if you have or know where I can find some for boot cuffs and such? Like the ones that would wrap around instead of the item wrapping around it.

  106. Sheri Goad

    I am actually working on formatting a few things right now. I have several different boot cuff options, tags and a mug cozy. I’m in high hopes of getting them posted by tomorrow.

  107. Michelle

    Do you know if the pattern works with regular yarn & not the cotton yarn??

  108. Sandy Desaulniers

    mine printed out much smaller. 4×7? should print in landscape?

  109. Sandy Desaulniers

    I would like the word document too, please! my email is
    Thank you sooo much!!!

  110. Sheri Goad

    Yes! I did the Santa Cozies in regular yarn and it worked just fine. =)

  111. Sheri Goad

    Thanks! You’re welcome!

  112. Sheri Goad

    Yes, Sandy, you would want to print in landscape.

  113. Sheri Goad

    Unfortunately when I went to pull this back up, realized I had saved it in Publisher. I’m still willing to pass that one along, but will have to have publisher to be able to edit in it.

  114. Sheri Goad

    You’re welcome! Glad you like them.

  115. Sheri Goad

    You’re welcome!

  116. Sheri Goad

    Thank you! You are welcome!

  117. Michelle

    So, in following the pattern, the finished project will have a gap in the 1st row (since slip stitching after 1st row of HDC)?? Is this correct??

  118. Sheri Goad

    When you weave in the end from the chain, you can use that to sew up that part. The alternative would be to slip stitch the chain together and then do the first row of HDC, but it’s more time consuming because you spend more time trying to make sure the chain doesn’t turn.

  119. Michelle

    Thanks! I appreciate it!

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  121. ttshomemadeshop

    Thank you for adding all the new templates!!! I’m going to put them all to good use 🙂

  122. Sheri Goad

    =) You’re welcome!

  123. chrsty

    how do you do a hdc and weave it together when you are done all i know is chain single and double stitch

  124. Sheri Goad Mikey Sellick at The Crochet Crowd has great tutorials. They should help you out. Weaving in the ends is just that. Stringing your end yarn onto a tapestry needle and threading it through the project to keep it from coming undone.

  125. Vivian Miller

    Thank you for all the free templates! I have been thinking of selling items at a local craft fair next year, and these will help showcase my items. I found your site through The Crochet Crowd on FB.

  126. Marna W.

    I made about 10 and was told they totally stretched out. I used everything but cotton. Help!

  127. Marna W.

    I love the pattern and the templates:)

  128. Sheri Goad

    =( I saw this on Crochet Addict. Cotton is definitely a better option. I used Michaels Impeccable brand on the santa cozies. They are a bit stretchier than the others. Try the cotton out. If that doesn’t work try to reduce your starting chain. You could be crocheting loosely. Feel free to message me if you need any help! I’m on Facebook.

  129. Sheri Goad

    Just an FYI- I have gotten some feedback that the non-cotton yarns are stretching. Depending on how much give your yarn has, you may have to switch to a smaller hook or decrease the stitches in your starting chain.

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  131. Rachel

    I am in love with the cozy template and pattern! Thank you so much for creating and sharing this. I plan on printing these for my next craft show. Have you thought of making can cozy templates too? Just a thought…

    Thank you again!! Merry Christmas 😀

  132. Amanda

    Thanks so much for sharing! These are awesome! I just made a bunch of cup cozies and I couldn’t figure out how to display them so they looked neat and professional. This template will help a lot … can’t wait to try it out! 🙂

  133. Sheri Goad

    You’re welcome! Glad they were helpful. =)

  134. Sheri Goad

    Can cozies are a great idea! I’m glad you are enjoying the templates and pattern.

  135. Sheri Goad

    You are welcome!! Thanks for stopping by!

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  137. lori

    You need to use.cotton. it stretch and doesnt hold heat. Its what you use for potholders and dishrags

  138. Rosalie Pereira

    hi i printed some template and made some cozies but somehow the cozie is way to big for the template can u tell me how to set the pinter to get the right size

  139. Amber Allen

    Thank you for sharing this! I was wondering if you could tell me the dimensions of the printable template, or if there’s a way to make it bigger? My print out is measuring 3.5″ across from the widest part of the lid, and about 5 1/4″ from top to bottom. Is that the size it’s suppose to be? Thank you again, this is such an awesome idea for packaging!

  140. Kierabot

    Super thanks for the template for the cup cozy! Now I just need to find one for hands for my fingerless paw warmers (gloves). Surprisingly difficult to find. Just a preference that I make all of my cup cozies out of cotton, I just imagine spilling boiling water on acrylic and it melting. Not likely, but doesn’t mean it wouldn’t happen. So yeah, I’m with you and only use 100% cotton on my coffee cozies, and my coasters.

  141. Sheri Goad

    You’re welcome! Perhaps I will had the hand warmer template to my list of to-do’s!

  142. Victoria

    Hello! I absolutely love your work & templates! Thank you! Quick question though, is there any way to edit (like add wording) or different colors to the template on my own? Very much appreciated! Thanks 🙂

  143. Virginia Lowman

    Sherri, this template is so cute! But I have trouble printing it out. There are 2 cups on one sheet & the one on the left has the left side chopped off (the lid) a little. Also, the line around the whole sheet prints out, thus cutting off a little of the tops of the cups. I can’t figure out how to correct this. Has anyone else had this problem? By the way, I have crocheted 3 of these cozys while watching a movie. Super cute! Thanks for sharing!

  144. froggin1

    Hi Virginia,

    I haven’t heard of anyone having this problem. When you print, try to set your printer settings to “Print to fit the page” I think it may be worded slightly different depending on your printer.

    Hope this helps!

  145. Maria Garcia

    Thank you, LOVE the template and pattern. Thanks a bunch for sharing both. Could I possibly have the template for the cup sent to me so I can add my own wording to the bottom?
    I am giving them to teachers at my cisterns school who let us use their rooms for or Chess Tournaments.

    Thanks again.


  146. Jennifer

    This is a great pattern. Thanks for sharing!!

  147. kaymreed

    Thanks for this clarification. Would have been helpful in the instructions as I was following your pattern.

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  149. Charlene

    Thanks so much! This is a great idea! Especially for displaying at a store or craft fair. You’re wonderful for sharing it!

  150. Sheri Goad

    You’re welcome! Glad you can use it. =)

  151. Sharon

    The one thing I don’t like is when the sellers are sitting around. I know it’s tireing but stand up and greet me please. Thanks for th err pattern.

  152. Eva

    Hi, the link for the printable coffee cozy on cardstock isn’t loading. Could you re add please? Thanks!

  153. Sheri Goad

    I am not sure why it is not working for you. =( Everything on this end is still in tact. I just tested and it is loading.

  154. Chandra P

    I am making some for my kids teachers as they enter school next week. Thanks!!

  155. Sheri Goad

    Awesome! I bet they will love them!

  156. Rachel

    I go to craft fairs as a customer and one day hope to be in one as a vendor. 🙂 I think customer service is the first thing. An engaging seller pulls me to a booth every time.

    Also, letting me browse in peace after having talked to me is helpful. I don’t like the hovering. This one lady followed my party and I around with suspicious eyes until we finally walked out of her booth empty handed.

    I’d gone in with the intention of buying a scarf that I saw hanging from the tent roof but her attitude put me off and so I went and spent my money with the cheerful lady next to her. 🙂 I think she was loving her placement as she was able to get a lot of customers who the other lady had driven off.

    Another thing is a good balance of products. When there are too many things shoved in, my eyes kind of glaze over. I don’t want to have to dig, I want something that catches my eye. I kind of feel like, I’m in a place where there are artists so everything should be beautiful, including their displays. 🙂

    Anyway, thanks for the template! 😀

  157. Sheri Goad

    You’re welcome!

  158. Brenda

    I was wondering how am I able to add my business name to the cozy and boot cuff templates.. Thanks so much 🙂

  159. Holly

    These are wonderful. I tried a few with sugar and cream cotton. Seems that the do stretch out… Then if you wanted to use a slightly smaller cup they won’t stay on. Wouldn’t an acrylic yarn like for a beanie snap back into shape? Just wondering, if anyone else had that problem. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  160. Sheri Goad

    There has been back and forth discussion about this. I think it could go either way. Most of the feedback I have gotten has been against the acrylic. I make mine a bit snug to start and the stretch is still okay.

  161. Sheri Goad

    At this time I don’t have the word document that was able to be edited. I may be able to re-create it in the future. Will post on the blog any updates to it.

  162. Christy

    Hi! I have a quick question. When you make the chain, then do the 20 HDC across and slipstitch to join, doesn’t this leave the bottom of the chain not joined? I just made one and it has a big gap which I tried to close when I weaved in the end. Hopefully you understand what I mean. I’m wondering if it would be better to join the chain, and then do the HDC around? Thanks.

  163. Sheri Goad

    It is really a matter of preference. If it works easier for you to slip stitch the chain together then that’s perfect. =) For me, I always twist my chain when I am working so I prefer to slip it closed when I tie my ends in.

  164. Christy

    Ok thanks, maybe I will give it another try!

  165. Anita Schadeck

    Hi Sheri, I LOVE this template, it makes the project look “finished”. Thank you so much for sharing. A tradition at my Christmas Eve party is to give everyone lottery tickets – some scratch offs and some for a big jackpot. It’s fun to dream about what we would do with all that money and makes for interesting conversation. Anyway, this year I made a cup cozy for each guest and the lottery tickets will be stuffed in the cup cozy which is mounted on your template that I customized. Two of the guests are teachers so I searched for a cup cozy that looked like a pencil. The one I found was for wrapping around a ceramic mug. I wanted one for a disposable coffee cup so I made up my own pattern that I would be happy to share with you and your readers. Since I can’t figure out how to post a picture here, you can see it on my Ravelry page

  166. Rachel

    Thanks so much for sharing this! I was short on time so this was perfect. I actually printed the template out on a piece of a manila folder that I had cut to regular sheet-size, and it came out great! 🙂

  167. jennifer

    I hate walking by a booth and the owner trying to sell me someting. I hate a booth that looks like it’s commercialized. I like it to look homemade, meaning I do NOT want to see your scentsy selection. NOT A CRAFT. I keep waling! I like some prices to be realistic, so, I like seeing smaller cheaper things to draw me in. I am more likely to spend 5 bucks than 40. (that’s me though) About to try pattern! looks awesome!

  168. Bonnie

    I was thinking the same thing, this is awfully tiny, no matter what size yarn I use, definitely small. And the pattern is definitely not the same as in the pictures when it’s worked up. ????

  169. Sheri Goad

    That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  170. Sheri Goad

    You’re welcome. Glad it worked out for you.

  171. Sheri Goad

    I’m not sure why it isn’t working up right for you. I’ve added suggestions based on feedback as far as adjusting the size of your cozy by adjusting your initial chain size. If you look at the project page on Ravelry there are quite a few projects people have worked up that have worked out, many just like the picture. Some people have added their own variations.
    When I work the HDC, I am going through the center of the stitch rather than two of the loops. Not sure if that is what is making it look different for you or not.Some people choose to just work through the top two loops and it creates a line around each round.
    Hope that helps.

  172. Kim

    What paper wt do you get from Micheals or could you share the link to what paper
    you purchased to print this on? For the crochet piece to wrap around?

  173. Sheri Goad

    I use 65lb cardstock from the Recollections collection at Michaels.

  174. Alechia

    Can you do this coffee cozy on knitting loom?

  175. Sheri Goad

    I am not familiar with Loom Knitting. Sorry I don’t have any idea.

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