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Journaling Your Craft.

Keep It All Together

Yesterday I guest blogged over at The Crochet Crowd. I put together a journal to help keep all the amazing pattern and challenges together. With all of the amazing things we get from Mikey Sellick, and all of the other projects we find out there, its great to have way to organize it all.

Get your own copy here: Free Printable Hooker’s Journal

Crafter’s Journal


When the crochet journal was released, there were some requests about a non specific journal in the same format for those who sew, craft, etc. So here you go! I adapted the journal for those who want to use it for non-crochet craft journaling!

Create your own journal using a three ring binder and these Free Printable Jounal pages.

Page sleeves can be used to store patterns, pieces or the pages in the binder. I print the pages and use a hole punch for the actual pages. I use a dry erase marker on the page sleeves to make temporary changes, or keep track of where I am on a pattern. When I’m done the marks wipe right off.

Get Your Own Copy Here: Free Printable Crafter’s Journal

Printable Journal Pages


  1. Kim Sanders

    Sherri, thank you for sharing your journal with all the crafters. Can’t wait to start. I can be some what more organized 🙂

  2. Carol Blakeley (Carol Lilydot)

    Hi Sheri,
    First off I love your Hooker’s Journal. Thank you for all your hard work in organizing & sharing it with The Crochet Crowd.
    I have known Michael for a few years & of course think he is a great person.
    I also do alot of loom knitting & when I saw this journal felt it would be awesome as a loom knitters journals as well. I’m an administrator with GoodKnitKisses facebook group (Michael also knows Kristen Mangus owner of the group) group which has over 10,000 members.
    My question is would I be able to obtain copies of your templates to change for loomknitting vocabulary? Full credit will be given to you for the original idea & work involved. A number of the Good Knit Kisses Members are also members of The Crochet Crowd.
    You granting permission would be greatly appreciated, however I do understand if you would prefer not to.

  3. Sheri Goad

    Thank you, Kim! Hope it helps. =)

  4. Sheri Goad

    Thanks, Carol. I sent you a message via email.

  5. Elizabeth Gonzalez

    Thank You for sharing the “Hooker’s. Journal” A great crafter’s tool.

  6. Sandra

    I can not get the journal .

  7. Sandra

    Can someone help with this or maybe can send it to my e-mail address in a pfd file. Than ks

  8. Sheri Goad Here is the direct link. You should be able to get it this way.

  9. Yvonne Burkee

    Thank you so much, Sheri, for these awesome journals! Since I knit & crochet, these journals will be very helpful for me in keeping my projects for this year organized and hopefully keep me on track. Thank you again for all of your hard work.

  10. Tonya S.

    These are amazing I am so very grateful

  11. Robin Clark

    Was wondering if you could make a journal that can be used for any year. I like what you have come out with.

  12. Sharon

    Thank you so much Sheri, for these awesome journals! My friend dose a lot of crocheting and organizing with a small group for our church and charities, and these journals will be very helpful for my friend Andria, with keeping the projects organized and us all on track. Thank you again, I really do appreciate it. xx

  13. Jodi

    Thank you so much for the Journals – I used the Crochet Crowd and the Goodknit Kisses Journal this year – but thinking I’m going to go strictly with the Crafter’s Journal and just add the guide to Loom Knitting and Crochet to that Journal. Now I just need to find a guide for Knitting and my Journal will be set to go this year and I can keep track of all my projects in 1 Journal instead of having separate ones. Awesome Job and thanks so much for sharing the Journals with fellow crafters 🙂

  14. Sheri Goad

    You’re welcome. Glad it is coming in handy.

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