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A Loom Knitting Journal for Bi-Craftual’s.

Print out your own Loom Knitting Journal!

Loom Knitter's Journal

Loom Knitting Journal

Soon after I released the Hooker’s Journal over at The Crochet Crowd, I received many requests for the same format to be used with “other” crafts.  I have a general Crafter’s Journal available and a Knitting Journal in the works.

I just finished up this Loom Knitting Journal at the request and with contributions from Good Knit Kisses. Now all you Loom Knitters out there can get your loom along’s and projects organized too!

It’s as simple as downloading the entire journal below. It’s already in PDF format and you can pick and choose exactly which pages you would like to use in your journal.  Complete with Yarn Cards to save yarn samples, calendar pages, note pages, terminology and loom knitting abbreviations, and project pages!

With a three ring binder and some page protectors to store patterns, your journal will be ready to be personalized!

Free Printable Loom Journal


Loom Knitting WIP Cards

Loom Knitting WIP Cards

As an added bonus, here are some printable Work In Progress Cards to keep with your projects! Print out a sheet of four cards and keep some extras in your journal!

Free Printable WIP Loom Knitting Cards




Enjoy!  Let me know how you plan to use your journal. Have you printed out any of the other journals? How did they work out for you? I’m always open to suggestions, let me know if there is a printable you would like to see for your projects!



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  2. Peggy Overbey

    This is great! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kristen Mangus

    Thank you so much for sharing and allowing us to have a workbook just for loom knitters! People are dealing enjoying this. Thanks again, you rock!!

  4. Denise Agee

    Thank you for the Loom Knitters workbook.

  5. Nancy Michel

    I can get all the pages to print except page #3 – Loom Knitting Abbreviations. Is there any way you could email me that page only so I can print it out. I have tried several times without success, as it only prints the title of the page and the few words directly below the bos, but no lists of abbreviations. Thank you.

  6. Brunella

    Love it, thank you very much!!

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