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Rockin’ the Rainbow Mile, free patterns!

 Rockin’ the Rainbow

I have always been a sucker for a rainbow! So bright and cheery. I couldn’t resist it for my latest hat pattern. Hope you love it as much as I do!

My Mountain Man Competition

My Mountain Man Competition

My Mountain put a challenge out for their contest this year for crochet/knit patterns for men. Yarn was sent out, patterns were created and photos sent in. Now through September 18th they are having an online voting competition.  The Rainbow Mile hat was one of three hats I submitted and probably my favorite of the three. I’m quite attached to rainbows this year. (See below for lots of cool rainbow patterns!)

Vote Please and Free Patterns!

I wanted to share the pattern with you all!  I think the next one I make will be a Christmas version in red and white stripes. As with all my patterns, this one is free too! I would love it though, if you love it, to please go to the My Mountain Man Photo Contest and vote for it! You can vote for it once a day, but I would be thrilled to get your vote even once. You can even vote for more than one hat if there are others you love too!

Click the photo to vote now:









Click here for the free pattern: Rainbow Mile Hat

And There’s More!

Here’s another free pattern from Sonya Blackstone at Blackstone Designs. Click pic to head on over to her blog for the free pattern and a link you can vote for hers too!

Allagash Beanie










 As Promised…More Rainbows

Leave it to Tamara Kelly from Moogly to give us some super cool rainbow patterns! Check out her 10 free rainbow patterns by clicking on the pic!






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