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Bio: Crocheting is my addiction. I’m a mom, wife, home daycare provider, crocheter, writer, youth director, crafter and more. I like trying new things but only stick to those that I love. Life is too short to be doing things you don’t love. I blog regularly at Frogging Along, and I am a Guest Blogger for The Crochet Crowd.


  1. Tammy Chevalier

    Hello Sheri, my name is Tammy Chevalier. I met your mom today in Pine, Idaho at the Senior Citizen Center and we were talking about crochet projects, when our conversation turned to Tamara Kelly of Moogly and of course The Crochet Crowd with Michael Sellick. Your mom asked me if I was familiar with the Mad Hatter Crochet challenge. I told her, I was. She then told me about the Mad Hatter hat you made that was also a mobile. Following the lunch, we exchanged info. I can be found on Facebook with an Orca in my personal pic.

    I look forward to hearing from you and have bookmarked your website. 🙂 Happy crocheting.

  2. Sheri Goad

    What a small world! Do you follow the Crochet Crowd? I do a bit of guest blogging for them. Love, love, love Tamara Kelly of Moogly. I absolutely loved the Mad Hatter Challenge. So much fun!

  3. Rosanna Judah-Elliott

    Hi Sheri,

    I was wondering if you allow you templates to be used in items for sale?

    Thanks so much!

    Rosanna Judah-Elliott

  4. Sheri Goad

    You can use the template with products you are selling. Ie; cup cozies, etc. Items you are making to sell on Etsy, or at craft shows, etc. The PDF files themselves should not be sold or republished.
    Hope that helps.

  5. Viki

    I love your site! Is there a way to subscribe? I can’t find it anywhere!?!

    Thanks! Your stuff is awesome!


  6. Dee

    Hi Sherie,
    I noticed you are a “Happy Hooker” too. We have a group with that name at the Senior Center and I thought it was so funny when I first met them. I asked how they came up with that name and they said “It was easy – they were all crocheters/knitters and what better name for the group “The Happy Hookers.”

    I also like your Blog. When I was checking for info about the “4 n 1 Crochet Hook”I stumbled upon your Blog and like the great info you provided about it. I will continue to check your Blog again. Thanks. Dee

  7. Sheri Goad

    Welcome! Glad you stumbled onto the blog. Hopefully you will find something you can use…now or in the future! =)

  8. Mary Blakelock

    I have made the dishcloth britches pattern thanks for the pattern. I went to the printable area and did not see the printout for the poem that goes with the britches. Would love if you could add different dishcloth britches poems for use. Thanks for reading my post. Thanks also for all the wonderful patterns.

  9. Michelle

    can you make a wrap for a scarf for me.

  10. Cheryl

    Can you tell me where I might be able to find the pattern for the purple toddler hooded jacket that you have pictured on the top of your page?


  11. Sheri Goad

    Absolutely! It is the Chilly Cables Coatigan Pattern by Blackstone Designs! =) One of my favorites.—child

  12. Sheri Goad

    I will be adding more printables this fall.

  13. Sheri Goad

    You are welcome! I will be adding more printables this fall!

  14. Amy

    I bought the girl toddler sock monkey hat at remsen this weekend and would like to order one for my second daughter. Please contact me or do u have a number I can call you at?

  15. Pat Rasbeary

    I was wondering if I could use your cup cozy photo to show my friends what items I will be making. Thank you so much. I enjoy your patterns.

  16. Julie

    HI I have a quick question… the cup cozy and the mug cozy template – do you print them at 100% or do you have to print them at a smaller size? The cups on the template look too large for cozies…. just doing my first show and want to use these – THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  17. Sheri Goad

    I print them at actual size. They seemed to work well for me. The pictures are with the cozies I sell and are put onto them printed to full size. Two cups take nearly the entire page.

  18. Sheri Goad

    As long as you are linking back to the original post I have no problem with that at all. =)

  19. Sheri Goad

    I think perhaps you may be looking for someone else. I am not sure what Remsen is, and I don’t sell the Girl Toddle Sock Monkey hats.

  20. Cynthia

    Was wondering if I can purchase the cup holders.

  21. Sheri Goad

    I do not sell them, but there are a ton of them on Etsy.

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