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Free Printables

More to come…


  1. Joyce McGrew

    Love these patterns and printouts. Made the coffee cozy and gave as gifts which people loved!!

  2. Michaela

    What about for selling? I don’t see any policy in favor or against the commercial use of these printouts:/

  3. Sheri Goad (Post author)

    I have no problems if people want to use these print outs on items they are selling.

  4. michaela

    Awesome- thank you!!

  5. EBeth

    I was just wondering what the font was that you used on the packaging printables. I would like to match my labels to it.

  6. Sheri Goad (Post author)

    I will have to check. I am not sure right off.

  7. Sara

    Thank you so much I have been looking for ways to display my items for the fall and winter craft shows

  8. Sheri Goad (Post author)

    You’re welcome! Glad you find them helpful. =)

  9. EBeth

    Any luck?

  10. Sheri Goad (Post author)

    Sorry for the delay…things got a little crazy around here. The main font I used was Sketch Block.

  11. Rachel

    Was wondering if u had a printable in mind for fingerless gloves?

  12. Sheri Goad (Post author)

    I will be releasing some new printables…hopefully by Saturday. If I can iron out the details, I will be adding a fingerless glove option.

  13. maria williams


  14. Cindy Kellough Graham

    You are so talented, I love all your printables… Thank You so much for sharing.. Love the latest ones, especially Frosty. Merry Christmas.

  15. Sheri Goad (Post author)

    Frosty is my favorite too! Thank you. I’m glad that you like them. Merry Christmas!

  16. Sheri Goad (Post author)

    You’re Welcome!

  17. cathy brooks

    I too am looking for a template for fingerless gloves. I will be looking forward

    to seeing what you come up with!

    Thanks for all of the other templates.

  18. Sheri Goad (Post author)

    I’m definitely working on it! Little tougher than the others. =) I have been using the boxes for my fingerless gloves. There’s a basic non-holiday version. But I’m trying to work a card out that the gloves will slip over.

  19. Candy

    Would love to have the “French Fry” box printable in “a gift for baby”. My daughter is expecting twins, and this grandma is crocheting up a storm! LOL

  20. Sheri Goad (Post author)

    I will see what I can do. =)

  21. Leilani

    Love your printables. Thank you so much for sharing them! ❤️❤️❤️

  22. froggin1-ca

    Thank YOu!

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